September 13th, 2017

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News You Should Know

GaN Systems is excited about our two most recent announcements. In case you missed them:

Our newly released, enhanced LTSpice model simplifies designing with GaN and makes it easier for power design engineers to leverage the benefits of GaN transistors. Last month's LTSpice announcement was so well accepted, that it was one of the Ten Most Read articles in The LTSpice application note can be downloaded from our website.

The benefits of GaN - smaller, lighter, more efficient and less costly electronic systems - are now widely recognized by the world's largest and most progressive companies across all markets and industries. These benefits extend even further in the transportation industry, where electrification with GaN reduces both energy consumption and pollution from emissions. Recognizing these benefits, BMW i Ventures has made a strategic investment in GaN Systems. As reported in the Ottawa Business Journal, this investment will be used to expand global sales and fund product development.

Raise Your GaN IQ

You use GaN, design with GaN or read about GaN and you want to know more. This is a good time to come talk to us, hear what others are doing with GaN, and increase your expertise. This autumn we’re speaking and exhibiting at several events. We encourage you to meet with us as we present a range of topics designed to increase your understanding of where and how to design-in GaN transistors. We'll share practical design tips as well as present methods for simulating GaN transistor performance.

To raise your GaN IQ, see us at...

We hope you have the opportunity to visit us at one or more of these venues where we will be eager to answer your questions about optimizing GaN transistors in your application.

Additional Power Electronics Industry News

According to researchers at PWC, businesses, governments and consumers are about to spend $1.3 trillion in IoT solutions that include products and appliances that are connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Data centers will require massive increases in efficiency and capacity – both solvable with GaN – to meet this challenge. The forces at play are discussed in “Industrial Internet of Things and the Data Center.”

Not to be outdone by the auto industry, Intel is building a test fleet of 100 autonomous vehicles. This clever move is designed to help sales, to collaborate with regulatory authorities, to assist with safety validation and to collect data. Read, “Intel to build a fleet of over 100 self-driving test cars starting later this year.”

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Larry Spaziani

Vice President Sales & Marketing, GaN Systems Inc.

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