GaN Systems Launches Comprehensive Evaluation Platform for GaN Transistors
November 2016

Universal motherboard and four daughterboards help power design engineers to easily evaluate the GaN E-HEMT performance in any system design

OTTAWA, Ontario, November 4, 2016 – GaN Systems launches a daughterboard style evaluation kit to help power design engineers easily evaluate the GaN E-HEMT performance in any system design, along with a universal motherboard (GS665MB-EVB). The family of four daughterboards ranging from 750 W to 2,500 W consists of two GaN Systems 650 V GaN Enhancement-mode HEMTs (E-HEMTs) and all necessary circuits, including half-bridge gate drivers, isolated power supplies and an optional heatsink to form a high performance half bridge power stage.

Several notable features maximize the evaluation platform’s utility:

  • The platform serves as a reference design and evaluation tool as well as a deployment-ready solution for easy in-system evaluation.
  • The vertical mount style has a 35 mm height, which fits the majority of 1U design and allows evaluation of GaN E-HEMT in a traditional through-hole type power supply board.
  • A current shunt position is provided for easy switching energy characterization testing.
  • A universal form factor and footprint are used to allow customers to compare various power levels for optimal cost/performance decisions.

The family of 650 V evaluation boards consist of a universal motherboard as well as four 650 V E-HEMT daughterboards. The evaluation platform family of boards includes:

Evaluation Board Part Number

GaN E-HEMT Part Number




GaN E-HEMT 650 V/15 A, 100 mΩ



GaN E-HEMT 650 V/30 A, 50 mΩ



GaN E-HEMT 650 V/30 A, 50 mΩ, top side cooled



GaN E-HEMT 650 V/60 A,
25 mΩ, top side cooled



Universal 650 V Motherboard

GaN Systems is also launching the GS61008P-EVBBK, a highly efficient 48 V to 12 V synchronous buck converter based on the GS61008P 100 V, 90 A GaN E-HEMT. This system demonstrates very high efficiency at frequencies up to 2 MHz, commonly desired in 48 V systems. GaN Systems VP Sales & Marketing, Larry Spaziani, stated, “By developing this family of GaN E-HEMT evaluation boards, we are providing power design engineers with the tools to easily evaluate and optimize GaN transistor performance in their systems. Our evaluation kits facilitate development of AC/DC, Energy storage, DC/DC and other power systems. The kits benefit developers across the consumer, datacenter, industrial, transportation, and energy markets.”

A carefully documented user guide can be downloaded directly here.

For pricing and availability, please contact our franchised distributor.


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