May 19th, 2017

Customers Leverage the Formidable GaN Transistor

This is the prime season for power technology conferences. At the Applied Power Electronics Conference – APEC 2017 – and the Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion conference – PCIM Europe 2017 – visitors saw the strides made by researchers and manufacturers alike. But this year is particularly special. Beyond all the technical papers, podium discussions and roundtables, on the exhibition floors attendees were treated to scores of examples of customer systems that achieve previously unattainable efficiencies and power density levels. By replacing legacy components with GaN transistors, customers are reducing electronic system size, weight and cost…while simultaneously increasing system efficiency and gaining a competitive advantage.

Customers win by placing GaN transistors at the heart of their system.

On the exhibition floor in GaN Systems’ booth, I watched visitors marvel over customer systems that use GaN transistors to set radically improved, record performance levels. Visitors saw GaN transistors improve the performance of applications as diverse as wireless power transfer, DC/DC converters, energy storage systems, EV traction inverters, power modules, PWM motor controllers, and LED drivers. Today, the devices improved by our GaN transistors are in service across the consumer, data center, industrial, and transportation markets.

So, can your electronic system performance be enhanced by using GaN transistors? We’ve developed several tools to help you answer this question. The first is a comprehensive evaluation platform consisting of a universal motherboard and four daughterboards to help you easily determine GaN E-HEMT performance in any design. The second is the recently launched E-HEMT bridgeless-totem-pole PFC reference design that helps achieve system efficiencies in excess of 98%!

Important Webinar Event for Power Supply Design Engineers!

Power supply design engineers seeking to realize the benefits of GaN transistors in their systems should register for Richardson RFPD's webinar GaN Enabled Power Supply Technologies scheduled for June 21, 2017, at 11 a.m. EDT. At this webinar, you will learn design techniques, see results, understand layout and thermal performance tradeoffs and finally, understand several key topologies where GaN excels. Webinar details are on the registration page.

Our customers realize that it’s just a matter of time before the electronic systems developed by their competitors leverage the benefits that GaN transistors. Shouldn’t you, before it’s too late? Call us. We’re eager to help!

Thank you!

Larry Spaziani

Vice President Sales & Marketing, GaN Systems Inc.

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