Powering System Solutions for Exponential Growth Markets

Even today, the world consumes too much energy. As the global middle class grows, more energy will be required. Global warming, impending government regulations, and more stringent emissions standards compound the issue. We are entering a 3rd Industrial Revolution where materials and energy must be used more efficiently. Meeting population and industrial energy consumption needs is unsustainable with present power system solutions. Power electronics must change and there is enormous pressure to develop solutions that address this challenge.

GaN Systems is dedicated to providing solutions that reduce power consumption across five market categories: consumer, datacenter, industrial, mil aero, and transportation. Within these market segments power electronics companies have switched to GaN for three compelling reasons:

1. To reduce size and weight by up to 5X
2. To decrease power losses by up to 90%
3. To reduce cost

GaN Systems feels so passionate about the benefits our products provide power systems designers, we consider our solutions At the Heart of Your System. Here we provide examples of how our customers across these market segments have gained a competitive advantage by using GaN transistors to develop systems that achieve unprecedented increases in performance and power density.

So, where do GaN devices fit? They fit for just about type of power conversion: AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC & AC/AC:

Market Image Applications
Consumer consumer-table-img

Cell Phone/Tablet/Notebook Travel Adapter, Air Conditioner, TV, Washing Machine, Audio Amplifier

Datacenter data-center-table-img

Datacenter server rack AC/DC and DC/DC, Power Conditioning Unit, UPS, Cellular Base Stations

Industrial industrial-table-img

Motor, Pump, Solar, Power Modules, UPS

Space/HiRel space-table-img

Aviation Power Modules, Power Switching Modules, Wireless Chargers, Engine Power Inverters

Transportation transportation-img

EV Traction Inverter, On-board Battery Charger, DC/DC Converter, Start/Stop, Wireless Chargers

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